Perspectives on a Fulfilled Life – March 19th, 2007

Major Mind Change 

Guerilla Business School was an extraordinary experience.  I was taught by the best in the business – and my definition of ‘the best’ is that I’ve learned a lot and that a lot of it is sticking – a lot.  I am busily reinventing my business and, in the process, myself.  I’ve never had to discard so many inherited misconceptions before.    Here’s one – and I expect you’ll find it useful, even though my face is red as I write it… 

The way I’ve always coached people (notice the past tense) is that, after we’ve gotten

comfortable with one another, I go through an exercise that allows clients to set goals for

themselves.  These then form the basis for the coaching.  And I’ve tracked clients’ progress

In meeting these goals. 

But I found out something that I already knew, but didn’t attach any importance to.  In a strong

way we’re conditioned to think of goals as ‘out there’ somewhere, as unattainable.  I’ve

written about how we’re conditioned to associate goals with failure (think New Year’s

resolutions) and how we’re conditioned to protect ourselves from goals – to think small.  When

we set ‘goals’ at work, we think ‘easily achievable.’  We’re happy to come close, to make

‘real progress.’ But that’s not what we want!  We want to set big goals and to achieve them. 

There is a clear relationship between achieving our objectives and our commitment to that. 

What can we do to maximize that commitment?  That will inherently improve our ability to

achieve the ‘goal.’ 

So, I’m adopting a new strategy – I won’t work to generate goals – I’ll ask you to promise to

achieve your objective.  Now I know there are issues of morality here – In a way, that’s my

point.  See, we’re buit to think we’re bad if we don’t keep our promise – but it’s okay if we

don’t make our goal.  Well, forget about the bad part, but keep the added ferocity of effort that

will  come along with promising.


When doctors ask patients to promise to take their medicine, they are significantly more

likely to take their medicine.  Let’s apply that to our own futures and go forward with that

energy. If you want to use this article (or any of my articles) in your Ezine, newsletter or website, you can – as long as you include this bio with it:  Michael Lipp, MS, coach and author provides innovative and profitable strategies to entrepreneurs, seniors, and people committed to sustainability and/or creativity.  My website is being redesigned – Write me at

            Useful Quotes

The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.
James Yorke 
Act as if it were impossible to fail.
Dorothy Brande Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.
Abraham Lincoln 

Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day
German Proverb  Better a broken promise than none at all.
Mark Twain 

                              The Creative Corner                                                                 The day holds promise                              
The sun is bright – forget the snow                             
All tomorrows are cloudless now
There was a time of gray,
When words,once spoken,  were uncertain
And yes –
I spoke and no one heard –                          
A curtain descended on the future,
Now newly parted by my voice –
The promise of the day is mine

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