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I Love These Words

August 31, 2007

Ruthless, Integrous, Loving, Accountable, Responsible, Playful, Empathic, Insightful, Futuristic, Trustworthy, Light Hearted.

That’s my coaching… probably all coaching…  don’t know if I left out any.  My Self-serving job is to have you think of me like that. And then act on that.  I do a six session teleseminar at no cost to allow that to happen.  It’s been designed by Jack Canfield:  The Success Principles – It’s a great workshop. 

Altruism, Contribution and Gain

August 20, 2007

I used to think I was alruistic – thought that was something to aspire. I was fooling myself.

Sometimes my ‘altruism’ was weakness, an inability to say no, made okay by thinking I was being altruistic.  And the rest of the time I wouldn’t own my desire to gain — selfish (tsk, tsk) even evil. 

I want to gain- The more I gain, the more I can give away, the more I can contribute.  Years ago, The Hunger Project stopped asking for contributions – Contribution implies an improper un-leveling effect – the from-to model doesn’t work for the ‘to’ – leads to resentment.  The Hunger Project wants Investors; they want our recognition that we gain from giving.

BNI, a worldwide business networking organization has a simple motto:  Givers Gain.  People are happy to give others referrals they give to give, knowing that they will gain from others.

I am The Contribution Coach and I want to be clear about this.  I gain from my coaching.  You will gain from your contribution.

Tomorrow sometimes comes

August 1, 2007

Obviously, thinking that it doesn’t come is wordplay – Of course, it’s always far away until it’s no longer tomorrow.  And it is always a surprise.  Some of what you’re ready for actually happens.  Some doesn’t; some happens differently than you had imagined.

It’s important to stop.  Most of us think we have to keep going and going.  We all want to be whatever those batteries are.  But there are things we should  stop for.

We should always stop to plan and assess.  Are we still on course?  What’s the world’s feedback for us?  How do I deal with changing conditions?  Is there a relation of this and that?  How do I deal with that? I could go on and on.  Planning for tomorrow saves time – usually today, sometimes from now on.

On this very tomorrow, the one that right now is my tomorrow,  I’m giving a free teleseminar On The Law of Attraction:  How to Attract.  I’d love to have you with us.
                                                        Thursday, August 2nd
                                                      7:30 EDT

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