Tomorrow sometimes comes

Obviously, thinking that it doesn’t come is wordplay – Of course, it’s always far away until it’s no longer tomorrow.  And it is always a surprise.  Some of what you’re ready for actually happens.  Some doesn’t; some happens differently than you had imagined.

It’s important to stop.  Most of us think we have to keep going and going.  We all want to be whatever those batteries are.  But there are things we should  stop for.

We should always stop to plan and assess.  Are we still on course?  What’s the world’s feedback for us?  How do I deal with changing conditions?  Is there a relation of this and that?  How do I deal with that? I could go on and on.  Planning for tomorrow saves time – usually today, sometimes from now on.

On this very tomorrow, the one that right now is my tomorrow,  I’m giving a free teleseminar On The Law of Attraction:  How to Attract.  I’d love to have you with us.
                                                        Thursday, August 2nd
                                                      7:30 EDT

1-218-936-1200. 0080207#


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