Altruism, Contribution and Gain

I used to think I was alruistic – thought that was something to aspire. I was fooling myself.

Sometimes my ‘altruism’ was weakness, an inability to say no, made okay by thinking I was being altruistic.  And the rest of the time I wouldn’t own my desire to gain — selfish (tsk, tsk) even evil. 

I want to gain- The more I gain, the more I can give away, the more I can contribute.  Years ago, The Hunger Project stopped asking for contributions – Contribution implies an improper un-leveling effect – the from-to model doesn’t work for the ‘to’ – leads to resentment.  The Hunger Project wants Investors; they want our recognition that we gain from giving.

BNI, a worldwide business networking organization has a simple motto:  Givers Gain.  People are happy to give others referrals they give to give, knowing that they will gain from others.

I am The Contribution Coach and I want to be clear about this.  I gain from my coaching.  You will gain from your contribution.

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