A friend of mine just emailed me about an essay I wrote – The ‘message’ I wrote was that when I give you my word, I am also giving you permission to hold me accountable for keeping that word.  I can’t find it – but I hold myself accountable because I gave him my word.

One of the things about that is that we are careless about our word.  See – it’s not dependent on standard, agreed upon English.  We do not have to say, “you have my word” or “I promise that …”  So we can’t wiggle out when we don’t use those phrases.  It could be something simple, even nebulous, like, “I’ll get back to you on that.”  Even though we don’t give a specific ‘by when,’ there’s a commitment there – granted, the receiver has to have a sense of when ‘long enough’ is…so there is some wiggle room – but not that much.

If I consider myself a person whose word is solid (and I do), then I owe it to myself to allow you to hold me accountable for it.   I follow the Law of Attraction – The Universe responds to who I am – not to who I say I am.  If I am always true to my word, then my word is law, at least in my universe (which is the only one that counts for me.)

Now I don’t always keep my word – this isn’t a holier than thou sermon.  Sometimes I forget; sometimes circumstances seem to get in the way.  But when I forget, I really want you to remind me, to hold me accountable; you’re doing me a service.

And when I just blow it, it works for me to clean it up as soon as I can, to make amends when possible.  And (I’m Jewish) there’s always Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement.  I ask God to forgive me – and He always does – even though we both know I’ll do it again.

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