Seeking the Future

September 26, 2007

No need to seek – it is coming.  The other day I realized that I’ve played a game of brinkmanship with my life (yesterday, we couldn’t get our safe open and I said we were now playing Brinksmanship)  When I look at my family’s history, I can see how I inherited this – It’s a game of “don’t worry, something will turn up”  and it always did and now I can say it always has.

But as I study the Law of Attraction, I see that I’m creating this every day – even by just speaking of it.  Well, this is the end of that conversation.  Don’t know what damaging conversations you have, maybe that you’re unaware of.  Here are some things that will eliminate them, replace them with fruitful conversations – gratitude, appreciation, love — hanging out with people who will reinforce the ‘other’ thoughts, the other conversations.  I used to think I didn’t know these ‘other’ people.  Create them; they’re there and they’re waiting for you.

The Success Principles

September 16, 2007

I invite you to participate in the second “Success Principles” workshop. This has proven to be an exceptional introduction to the benefits of coaching as well as a valuable refresher course, if you are already familiar with coaching.I have had incredible and valuable feedback from the people who are in the current Workshop and want to extend this invitation to you.

Send an email to to register.

I’m also redesigning my website to reflect these changes – – but it will be a day or two.

The New Paradigm

September 10, 2007

I’m operating in a new paradigm – that fits me–It’s the paradigm of the Giftconomy.  Give valuable things away for free.  I don’t think of customers (I never did.)  I think of clients.  And I think of the lifetime value of a client.

On October 1st I’m starting the next iteration of The Success Principles, a free 6-session teleseminar from 7:30 – 8:30EDT Monday evenings.  eMail to register ( )…So far – Rave Reviews.  For Example

“I love being part of your Success Principles group.. It’s a novel way to stay plugged in.. I’ve done a lot of work at Landmark and other venues, and – your TeleClass is like “Accent” –  It’s ‘waking up’ my inner compass, and reminding me of just who I am, for myself, my family and for the world.  Accepting anything less is not acceptable.  Being part of your class is great – it’s energizing and is making a big difference in what’s going on between my ears on a daily basis.  Thanks for ‘re-lighting my fire’ Michael!”
Ira W.

I Love These Words

August 31, 2007

Ruthless, Integrous, Loving, Accountable, Responsible, Playful, Empathic, Insightful, Futuristic, Trustworthy, Light Hearted.

That’s my coaching… probably all coaching…  don’t know if I left out any.  My Self-serving job is to have you think of me like that. And then act on that.  I do a six session teleseminar at no cost to allow that to happen.  It’s been designed by Jack Canfield:  The Success Principles – It’s a great workshop. 

Altruism, Contribution and Gain

August 20, 2007

I used to think I was alruistic – thought that was something to aspire. I was fooling myself.

Sometimes my ‘altruism’ was weakness, an inability to say no, made okay by thinking I was being altruistic.  And the rest of the time I wouldn’t own my desire to gain — selfish (tsk, tsk) even evil. 

I want to gain- The more I gain, the more I can give away, the more I can contribute.  Years ago, The Hunger Project stopped asking for contributions – Contribution implies an improper un-leveling effect – the from-to model doesn’t work for the ‘to’ – leads to resentment.  The Hunger Project wants Investors; they want our recognition that we gain from giving.

BNI, a worldwide business networking organization has a simple motto:  Givers Gain.  People are happy to give others referrals they give to give, knowing that they will gain from others.

I am The Contribution Coach and I want to be clear about this.  I gain from my coaching.  You will gain from your contribution.

Tomorrow sometimes comes

August 1, 2007

Obviously, thinking that it doesn’t come is wordplay – Of course, it’s always far away until it’s no longer tomorrow.  And it is always a surprise.  Some of what you’re ready for actually happens.  Some doesn’t; some happens differently than you had imagined.

It’s important to stop.  Most of us think we have to keep going and going.  We all want to be whatever those batteries are.  But there are things we should  stop for.

We should always stop to plan and assess.  Are we still on course?  What’s the world’s feedback for us?  How do I deal with changing conditions?  Is there a relation of this and that?  How do I deal with that? I could go on and on.  Planning for tomorrow saves time – usually today, sometimes from now on.

On this very tomorrow, the one that right now is my tomorrow,  I’m giving a free teleseminar On The Law of Attraction:  How to Attract.  I’d love to have you with us.
                                                        Thursday, August 2nd
                                                      7:30 EDT

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July 27th, 2007 – Reading

July 27, 2007

I finally gave up the pretense that I can see ok.  I intend that I will again – but not now.  My left eye can’t see the E and my right eye needs lots of correction – I’ve written about this… And very few books that I want to read are published in large, readable fonts.

So – in an hour I’m getting a full page magnifying glass.  It could be said that I’m creating my reading, but the simpler explanation is this — Stop complaining and do something.

July 26th, 2007 – Rocks and Hard Places

July 26, 2007

Sometimes being caught between a rock and a hard place is what I need to create – Desperation equals Inspiration – very interesting.

I found this site this morning:

Particularly exciting because I’m giving a free teleclass on The Law of Attraction (How to Attract) next Thursday at 7:30 EDT.  —

1-218-936-1200. 0080207#

July 25th, 2007 Eating

July 25, 2007

I have dealt with the conflict between what I like to eat and the way I ‘should’ eat for most of my life.  My first diet was when I was 14 – that was to lose weight – but the conflict has never stopped.  Now I know a lot more and I really want to eat the way I should eat.  And I’m getting better at choosing.  Last night I made a big choice –

I finally got it about milk.  Do you know we’re the only species that drinks another species’ milk?  And pasteurization kills whatever value it may have – We kill all the beneficial bacteria – we cook the milk before we store it.  Why?  Because it will stay around longer to be sold.  I’ve used goat milk for 30+ years because its formulation is very close to breast milk – but it’s still pasteurized.

What’s worse is that I use it in coffee.  The combination of milk and coffee produces something that’s neither when it goes through the body – It ends up as a kind of sludge – particularly hard to digest – adds weight, slows metabolism, …

So as of today – no more milk

July 23rd, 2007 – Your Shoes

July 23, 2007

How do I stand in the other person’s shoes?  As a coach, it’s important that I can see and hear things from your perspective – But what happens when I am suprisingly ignorant?

Yesterday I saw a video of Van Jones (a name you will come to know, I promise) talking to the facilitators of the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream symposium (I’m one.)  And he specifically spoke about our commitment to Social Justice.

I think of myself as diverse, a leftist at heart.  Three of my daughters have mixed race children – And I’ve lived through the 50s, 60s, … through the assasinations of Kennedy, King and Kennedy –

And I was deeply moved by Jones – I felt again the love – the loss, the anguish, the dashed hopes and dreams, the possibility destroyed.  And I cannot be in his shoes; I cannot know the black experience of those times – I am ignorant.  And will listen newly.